Dr. Stephen Sachs

Sometimes when putting the pieces of a puzzle together a certain coupling is critical. Architects call it a keystone, one central block or piece which allows an image or structure or perhaps a person‘s soul to be seen by others. I carried such a keystone about your Mom I thought that it was a unique little moment that I shared with her, I realized on Thursday that my insight was a common thread expressed by all who spoke.

Let me explain, Dad and I were hospital friends having lunch or coffee, dealing with institutional politics, sharing personal goals and aspirations. My first real encounter with Mom came when she came to me as a patient She was sweet, nice and even sparkled. I loved her spiky hair and a warm genuine smile and her hearty laugh. How perfect this pair is, I thought. After the procedure was over and mom came for a post op visit she brought me flowers. It really touched my heart (never have I gotten flowers from anyone before or since) and from that moment I felt very special about her. I loved chatting with her whenever we saw your parents socially or at hospital functions. But those flowers…. I’ll never forget how special they made me feel and I couldn’t help but smile the other day when I came to understand that they were her calling card. Over the years whenever I saw mom at hospital functions or in the office with Sal Ruggiero or at London where she always helped me find something beautiful, in budget, for Karen. I simply enjoyed being in her presence.

Our tradition teaches us that G-d sends to this earth righteous people (tzadikim) who by their example show us the way to live a life. Allyn was such a person, indeed it’s unheard of for two married people to each have such a role , but your mother and father are such individuals .

I know you and your brothers will carry the Udell tradition on.

Karen and I and Heather and our family send all our love to you and your family

Stephen Sachs