Linda Singer

I met Allyn about 35 years ago, and I have to say it was love at first sight. Beautiful inside and out, I felt drawn to her. She mentored me, in life… all of these years. Allyn not only remembered every detail of the conversations, she followed up and checked in on everything we discussed. Never judging, but always encouraging, understanding and insightful. Every adventure we had together, every stage we went through I always had my girl to count on to listen to me, smile, giggle and suggest.

Now multiply her relationship with me by probably her 30 close friends, and that’s how much information she stored in her mental hard drive. For each of us, Allyn’s Girls, she knew our everyday comings and goings. What we were making for dinner, who our children were dating, what we were decorating, where to find discount flowers, what we saw on HGTV, and on and on. She kept it all straight, and connected all the dots…for all of us. Allyn’s capacity was enormous, her heart was pure, her attention to detail beyond, and interest in and patience for us all.

For the past 21 years, Allyn balanced her amazing friendships and her treatments. Never a complaint, Allyn took it in her stride to never make her life about her cancer, rather she managed to fit cancer into her life. For every life she touched, she taught us to be brave by her example. She inspired us with her courage to try new treatments, travel to where her doctors were and always face her challenges with positivity. Allyn’s life was about her family, not about her cancer.

To honor her memory, I pray for a cure for Multiple Myeloma. Of course I wish it had been in time for my friend Allyn. Please donate in Allyn Sue Udell’s memory, and let’s find a cure for the cancer that ended her beautiful life.

Linda Singer

Allyn Udell Allyn Udell